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Drug abuse and woman specific treatment needs

Published On: 02-04-2016 in Category: addiction, Drug Abuse, Rehab

drug abuse and woman specific treatment needs

Statistically speaking, men are indeed more likely to abuse illicit drugs than women. Yet, this only indicates that perhaps public awareness needs to increase on the issue of females using controlled substances. On the other hand, women are more likely to receive prescription medications from a doctor and some studies suggest that this could be due to women being overall more likely to seek professional assistance.

There is no denying that drug abuse among women has become a major cause of worry, as more than 6,600 women died after overdosing on prescription painkillers in 2010, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Likelihood of PTSD

Though stereotyping of women as the victims of domestic violence or other serious trauma is wrong, there is no denying that females are statistically more likely to experience it than males. Therefore, treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could be necessary in many specific case to ensure a complete and lasting recovery.

Young women in particular often become target of unwanted sexual attention and deplorable crimes, such as rape, which can further exacerbate substance abuse as a means of coping emotionally in some cases. These females will need highly individualized treatment programs to ensure that a true balance of wellness is being made possible.

Pregnant women

Expecting women have a whole host of separate concerns if they are facing substance abuse for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, there are mothers-to-be who will be hesitant to step forward in such cases, and this is because they are wary that the public will heavily judge or stigmatize them as a result.

Yet, the sooner a woman seeks professional treatment, the greater chances of improved lasting health both she and her baby can have. Otherwise, the results can be literally disastrous to the child’s health and even life itself, which is why this remains such a controversial social issue, and will continue to be.

Ravaged beauty

Female beauty is clearly treasured and idealized in society in countless ways. Yet, one of the most glaringly obvious ways that such beauty is deteriorated is through heavy drug abuse, such as shown on DailyMail.co.uk.

Take methamphetamine, which through chronic use can lead to shocking alterations in physical appearance for the worse. This is why women facing such addiction need to step forward for treatment sooner than later. Otherwise, severe and irreversible damage can be done due to inability to quit using on one’s own, as seen in numerous startling before and after photographs available online. Even if plastic surgery is possible, this will often come at quite an expensive price.

Female as nurturer

Societal expectations of women often include that of being the nurturer and caregiver of children, perhaps in part due to childbearing ability. Therefore, a woman with young children could have special needs in treatment so that children are cared for, especially if a biological father or stepfather is unfortunately no longer in the picture.

The mother, loved ones and professionals can explain to children that she is receiving the help she needs, so that they do not assume she no longer cares about them or has abandoned them. Obviously, a child does not need to be present due to the trauma it could experience in seeing her go through painful opiate withdrawals, for example. Once she is healthy, both mother and child can be in a much more ideal family living situation overall.


Perhaps a man and woman as a couple are both facing substance abuse. In specific cases, each person could be bringing out the worst tendencies in the other when it comes to the urge to obtain drugs and use them. Yet, if both parties are willing to get sober and move forward in a more healthy fashion, then this could allow for valuable learning experiences, as through couples therapy. Otherwise, say a female is willing to seek sobriety but a male is not. The couple could well need to break up in order for her to be successful in her effort, otherwise his using could prove to be far too much a temptation during the recovery process.

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