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  • Long Beach DUI crash injures 2

    By: Admin On: 03-08-2017 Category: Alcohol Abuse, alcohol rehab Comment: 0

    Alcohol addiction is a serious issue in the United States wreaking havoc not only in the life of the sufferer but also the lives of those surrounding him or her. A recent upswing in the number of alcohol-related deaths, along with the staggering financial cost of addiction, has made alcohol one of the most dreadful […]

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  • Hacked By HolaKo

    By: Admin On: 12-09-2016 Category: addiction, Alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, alcohol rehab Comment: 0

    Hacked by HolaKo Hacked By HolaKo Mess with the best, die like the rest../!\Straight Outta Palestine/!\

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  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving hold vigil for DUI Victims

    By: Admin On: 11-30-2016 Category: addiction, Alcohol Abuse, alcohol rehab, Mental Health Comment: 0

    Driving Under Influence (DUI), is a preventable yet prevalent crime. The group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), works actively to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving to bring about a change. In early August this year, MADD, organized a vigil in Los Angeles to raise awareness and to help families of victims support […]

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  • Long Beach’s alcohol scene

    By: Staff Writer On: 09-04-2015 Category: alcohol rehab, recovery Comment: 0


    Long Beach has had a history of crafting its own culture and standing apart from its neighbors. One of these unique city qualities is its love for drinking. Although alcohol is allowed at different events, there are certain groups of people who are more vulnerable to the effects of intoxication. Overall, finding a healthy balance […]

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