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Long Beach’s alcohol scene

Published On: 09-04-2015 in Category: alcohol rehab, recovery


Long Beach has had a history of crafting its own culture and standing apart from its neighbors. One of these unique city qualities is its love for drinking. Although alcohol is allowed at different events, there are certain groups of people who are more vulnerable to the effects of intoxication. Overall, finding a healthy balance between celebration and prevention within the community may be a difficult opposition to moderate.

Long Beach hosts a number of popular events that showcase a variety of beers, wines, liquors and assorted combinations to its residents and visitors alike. In fact, the city celebrated the first year of its Long Beach Cocktail Festival this past June, which featured 15 local bars that promoted and provided cocktails from their respective menus. In addition to that, its downtown district promotes itself well, with a website that keeps an up-to-date record on happy hours, other promotions and where to find them via an interactive map. One notable attraction is its boat rental services, where passengers are able to drink outdoors.

Research pertaining to outlet density, or the prevalence of alcohol-distributing establishments in a particular area, found connections to various complications time and time again. Using survey data from Boston area colleges between 1999 and 2000, researcher Elissa Weitzman and her colleagues (2003) of the Harvard School of Public Health noted a strong relationship between outlet density and heavy as well as frequent drinking behaviors. The number of bars and related businesses was also correlated with various cases of problem drinking among students, as people from higher density areas reported more drinking problems. In Lipton and Gruenewald’s 2002 study, “The spatial dynamics of violence and alcohol outlets,” resulting data showed that the amount of bars in one region was linked to greater rates of assault, while local and nearby populations were also influenced by greater rates of violence.

Long Beach’s comprehensive precautions

The previous studies are very informative of the potential dangers of loosened or unregulated alcohol availability. However, the city of Long Beach strives to mediate these effects. For example, the promotional website for downtown lists the collection of organizations committed to the cleanliness and safety of its streets. They include:

1. A Clean Team, who sweeps, washes and maintains property each morning so that the business district remains attractive.

2. A Safe Team, made up of Long Beach’s police department, fire department and other city services, such as the Downtown Safety Guides.

3. A downtown Public Safety Committee that meets each month to continue coordinating improvements in the area.

4. A homeless outreach initiative consisting of trained mental health specialists that help downtrodden individuals get the support they need.

5. Other community resources, such as a starter kit for community watches.

With opportunities for both fun and safety, Long Beach is indeed a unique spot for many types of people to enjoy. While those with mental health ailments or histories of substance abuse must still abstain from these kinds of activities, the city has shown great strides in preventing further problem behaviors from arising. If you or a loved one is dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, call the Long Beach Drug Treatment Rehab Center at 562-846-1995 or chat with a representative online for help.

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