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  • 2 minor leaguers from Long Beach suspended over drug abuse

    Published On: 05-18-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse

    The use of banned performance-enhancing drugs among sportspersons is nothing new. Two minor league players were suspended in May 2016 over suspected substance abuse. Logan Lombana, a Minnesota Twins pitcher, hailing from Long Beach, has been suspended for 80 games under baseball’s minor league drug program. Lombana had allegedly failed the drug trial and tested […]

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  • Drug bust in Long Beach, 16 members of Latin Kings gang arrested

    Published On: 04-07-2016 in Category: Drug trafficking, Heroin, War on Drugs

    Drug trafficking is certainly a risky and often deadly business with disastrous consequences. Although the intent of the “War on Drugs” in the United States may have been to target drug smugglers and peddlers, meth and heroin are still killing communities. The FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Reports indicate that of the 1,561,231 arrests for drug […]

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  • DUI checkpoints lower casualties; Long Beach police arrest 4 within a month

    Published On: 02-23-2016 in Category: addiction, Alcohol

    Two people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol at a checkpoint in Long Beach, California over the last weekend, the police said in a press statement on February 22, 2016. “The Long Beach Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted a DUI/Driver’s License checkpoint on Saturday, February 20, at Pacific Coast […]

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  • Drug abuse and woman specific treatment needs

    Published On: 02-04-2016 in Category: addiction, Drug Abuse, Rehab

    Statistically speaking, men are indeed more likely to abuse illicit drugs than women. Yet, this only indicates that perhaps public awareness needs to increase on the issue of females using controlled substances. On the other hand, women are more likely to receive prescription medications from a doctor and some studies suggest that this could be […]

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  • Substance abuse behind most road accidents in Long Beach

    Published On: 01-07-2016 in Category: drinking, Substance Abuse

    Alcohol and drugs have been detrimental to the interests of those who are striving to bring sobriety to Long Beach. Going by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, “every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes than involve an alcohol-impaired driver.” And, Long Beach is no exception. […]

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  • Drug treatment: Relapse and prevention

    Published On: 01-04-2016 in Category: Drug addiction, recovery, Rehab, Relapse

    When someone who has faced illicit drug addiction is first able to make a substantial recovery, this can be a cause for celebration. Friends and family should congratulate the person as he or she could have a much improved self-image and outlook. Yet, though such reactions are natural and should be encouraged, it is also […]

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  • Gang-related violence and its connection to illegal drug sales

    Published On: 09-21-2015 in Category: behavioral health, bullying, drug addiction treatment, drug rehab


    A particular social problem that can poison a community on a deep and all-encompassing level is gang-related violence. Although forming social groups within general populations is a natural occurrence, gang affiliations extend this exclusive form of membership to destructive degrees. One of the most notable extensions of the city of Long Beach’s criminal collective stretches […]

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  • Long Beach’s alcohol scene

    Published On: 09-04-2015 in Category: alcohol rehab, recovery


    Long Beach has had a history of crafting its own culture and standing apart from its neighbors. One of these unique city qualities is its love for drinking. Although alcohol is allowed at different events, there are certain groups of people who are more vulnerable to the effects of intoxication. Overall, finding a healthy balance […]

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  • Recent drunk driving-related incidents and their implications

    Published On: 08-27-2015 in Category: Alcohol Abuse

    recent wrong way crash in long beach

    Like all cities around the world, Long Beach has experienced its fair share of roadside incidences. Ranging from mild hit-and-runs to fatal collisions and a number of arrests in between, the “Aquatic Capital of America” is also increasing its preventative and protective measures to keep its community of drivers safe. The first incident involved a […]

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  • New study analyzes bath salt use among high school seniors

    Published On: 08-17-2015 in Category: Bath Salts, Drug Abuse, Substance Abuse, Teens


    Over recent years, the use of synthetic psychoactive drugs has risen. These substances initially gained popularity as legal substitutes for their street drug counterparts and allowed people to test clean on drug tests while still being able to get high. These drugs are typically sold as research chemicals and tend to change in chemical makeup […]

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