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Police raid in Long Beach leads to 1 arrest, seizure of drugs and firearms

Published On: 09-27-2016 in Category: Drug Abuse, Drug addiction


An investigation into a burglary case involving stolen firearms in Long Beach, California led to the seizure of drugs and firearms and arrest of a man, suspected of dealing in narcotics and firearms, recently.

The Long Beach police officers raided a house in the 1400 block of West 20th Street of the city in August 2016 to find out about the residential burglaries of a wide variety of stolen firearms, said Lt. Dina Zapalski of the Long Beach Police Department.

According to the police, nearby homes were evacuated and Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team was summoned at the scene due to the nature of the firearms seized. As per the police, some people were seen running from a home in the area soon after the police arrived at the scene.

A video footage showed a home surrounded by armored SWAT van along with many patrol vehicles. One or two persons involved in the crime were suspected to have fled the scene, but no injuries were reported in the incident, the police said.

“Due to the nature and circumstances of the investigation, SWAT was activated to search a residence in the 1400 block of West 20th Street,” said Sgt. Brad Johnson of the Long Beach Police Department.

Rising transnational criminal activity in California

Lately, California has been in the limelight on a number of fronts, with transnational criminal activity being one of them. The state has been home to nearly 305 transnational criminal organizations involved in drug-related activities. California has become a hub of drug trafficking business owing to its geographical location comprising a network of interstate highways linked with the western U.S.

A large number of Mexico-based drug cartels have been found operating in nearly 22 cities of California that generates a huge sum of cash annually through sale of drugs within the state or through their distribution outside the U.S.

California drug distribution law: An overview

According to drug distribution laws in California, any sale, transport and distribution of illegal drugs, such as marijuana and other controlled substances, is a criminal offence. However, in certain cases, even prescription drugs can come under the purview of drug trafficking if an accused does not possess a license for the distribution of such drugs.

Though the Californian government is making efforts to counter the addiction problem by spreading awareness about the ill effects of drug addiction, more and more people need to come forward to end the menace at their level.

Leading a drug-free life

Despite regular drug busts and other investigations leading to arrests of drug traffickers, a lot needs to be done to bring the situation under control. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly 10 percent American population is struggling with a life-long drug use disorder, while only about 25 percent of them get the necessary treatment.

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